Excerpt from the interview with Sebastian Schmieg.

BOOKS AND BLANKETS For a long time we used to connect the internet with big hopes regarding the enlightenment and the revolution of the social conditions. How would you see that today? Are these utopias still legitimate?

SEBASTIAN SCHMIEG I never had these huge hopes. Generally it is hard for me to see something salvational in technology. But at the same time I can not see the danger of dystopia, of total observation or stupification. You could cynically say that utopia and dystopia are resolved in cat videos, just like AIDS-3D once wrote in an essay. Of course many 
aspects of the internet are related to mass media which makes it very boring. This conceals that it is something insistent and controlling, but also the fact that there are still moments which are exiting. This means for us to keep our eyes open and to make an effort instead of just installing the newest apps. Beyond that I am curious how it will go on. Google Glass is supposed to prepare the connection of body and technology. Behind approaches like Glass you can find the idea just like Sergey Brin has put it that the ultimate connection takes place if the technology goes into the background and becomes invisible. Which is of course nonsense, and in order to get back to your question, totally utopia. Your Books and Blankets format is going for the old mediums, for a certain static and concentration, instead of hyper activity and the illusion of endless possibilities. We definitely should not turn back to old values and conditions, i.e. we should not become nostalgic and act conservatively. But I think this project contributes a nice input for the purpose of a variety of possibilities of working with media.